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The WinRTC program was developed for analyzing and testing

 purposes   assuming to simplify the debugging of multi-task relay’s

 control systems,  practically is used on the sub-electric stations.

 The program has been targeted to be used with SEPAM PLC

 1000(2000)  series (manufactured by Schneider Electric).

 The both major benefit and main practical goal of WinPLC  is

 smartly to  examine and debug a PLC sophisticated system

 keeping with user hard  real-time conditions.

 Ñan also be expressed using Real Time Controller Language

 ( similar to the C languge logic and arithmetic expressions).

 WinRTC allows to display the program of the controller as the

 Ladder diagram, that much more simplifies understanding of logic

 of work of the  controller, and also simplifies modification in the

 program. Program  WinRTC-32 application supports technologies

 ActiveX, DCOM working  under management OS Windows 8/7/XP

 with extantion of real time module Rtm (hadconlabs)


 Language RTCL - object-oriented having design on sample Java in which there are no designers of cycles (while, for

 etc.) Program of the controller can be executed as in a mode of the interpreter or be compiled in separate DLL the





Features of work of an oscillograph:

 - Opportunity of simultaneous viewing of 7 signals and scrolling     signals

 - Flexible scaling 

 - Opportunity of start on positive and negative front of a signal

 - Synchronization concerning the chosen signal



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